Imagine immersive events where you get to experience healing, activation and training to OWN your voice and turn your brilliance into a vehicle that significantly grows your own life while undoubtedly contributing to the ripple effect shift that is happening on the planet right now...

And one that connects you with other like-minded souls on a mission to heal the divide for deeper conversations and networking...

Welcome to the
Brave Leaders Rising Events & Trainings

Nation Events:
For all member levels & the public

Special Workshops:

For "Freedom" and "VIP" level members

In these 75 minute online events, you will experience:

  • A mini performance, sound healing and/or meditation to relax, ground and get connected to your inner wisdom.
  • An embodiment exercise to unlock your "liberessence" (your effervescent self that can magnetize your desires)
  • Discussions on the focus of event
  • 1-2 lucky attendees will be in the hot seat and given strategy (for their life or business)
  • Opportunity to share your mission with our nation of like-minded leaders and network

These online workshops vary in topics:

  • Laser focused business trainings where you will build out a specific strategy and implement such as promoting your podcast, writing your signature story and creating IG & TikTok reels.
  • Channeling and healing activation to release trauma, fears and energetic bonds that keep you stuck as well as exercises to amplify your manifesting abilities and attract your desires.
  • Deep Dive Discussions with industry experts on crucial topics we are facing today personally and globally.

Event Schedule & Registration

July 16th, 2024
11am EST /
17h CET

75 minutes

Open to all members. Non-members can make a one-time offering.

Nation Event: Sell Without Selling to Grow Your Mission

You want people to buy your products/services, come to your event and/or spread the words about you and your mission. But how do you do it without using manipulative tactics and inauthentic sales scripts? Discover how to move people into action from truth. Special Guest: Phil Coley


July 30th, 2024
12pm EST /
18h CET

75 minutes

Open to "VIP" and "Freedom" level members only. Become a member >> HERE

Special Workshop: Re-Purpose Your Content to Grow Your Visibility

Stop creating endless content! Leverage and re-purpose what you have already created. In this 75-minute hands on workshop, you will have the opportunity to take your content - from podcasts, interviews, existing social media posts - and learn how to re-purpose it in to different formats and platforms.

Aug 13, 2024
12pm EST/
18h CET

75 minutes

Open to all members. Non-members can make a one-time offering.

Nation Event: Saying YES to Receiving More

You will learn the 3 main ways you blocking your ability to receive more of everything in your life - from love and sex to career opportunities and money. We will look at how you react to others, your body language, what you say and more. And what do to do to shift the energy and Speak from Your Power® to receive more.

Aug, 2024 TBA

30 minutes

Open to "VIP" and "Freedom" level members only. Become a member >> HERE

Channeling/Healing Activation: Get Seen & Heard on a Bigger Level

We will be clearing out current and past lives related to being willing to step into the spotlight, get attention and truly to be seen for your brilliance.