The Inspiration Behind Brave Leaders Rising...

Hi, I am Cindy Ashton, Founder of Brave Leaders Rising.

I believe that EVERY human, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual preference and socioeconomic status deserves equality, equal rights and equal opportunity. No one human is better than the other.

When the latest events in Gaza started up again last October, I felt completely paralyzed.

As a first generation Canadian with Palestinian/Lebanese parents, I was constantly bullied, being labelled as a second-class citizen and a terrorist. I changed my last name from Khoury to Ashton to hide my identity and moved high schools. The bullying stopped.

With current events, all those the triggers and memories of my own family being evicted from their homes over 75 years ago, my concern for hundreds of my family members living across Israel/Palestine, witnessing my Jewish friends experiencing a rise in antisemitism... all of it hit me hard.

I asked myself, "What can I do?"

During a deep meditation, what channeled through me was "Brave Leaders Rising." It was time to create a nation of ethical leaders. It was a natural progression as I have already been doing it my whole life...

Having lived with multiple invisible disabilities since birth, in trying to advocate for my needs, I was often told "but you look fine," because people couldn't 'see' the illness. Between that experience and feeling like I had to hide that I was an Arab, left me feeling like I didn't matter.

It drove me into my lifelong obsession to make the world a better place as well as dedicate my life to getting my own voice heard as well as the voices of others.

Ever since I was a child, I have been the performer, teacher and advocate. I've spent my life speaking out on various causes which resulted in receiving awards from both Former President Obama and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

In training my Speak from Your Power® clients on growing their influence, with all the fake in the world, the biggest challenge they face has always been "How do I deliver my message in a way that is truthful? How do I grow my mission without doing manipulative, push energy tactics?" I love, love, love showing my clients that there IS another way (watch the video >> HERE)

I've had the honor of gracing thousands of stages and screens as an Award-winning Television Host, Singer, Actor, Entertainer and Keynote Speaker. In each of my roles, I used my visibility to bring awareness and start conversations on important issues.

Over my career, I learned the harsh reality of how many leaders used their platforms to serve their own interests when I found myself sharing stages with some of the biggest names on the planet.

It is a HUGE reason why my mission is to support people like YOU - brave leaders who are in it FOR the people.

And here we are today, the next level of evolution in my work - Brave Leaders Rising.

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