Rise Up in Your Leadership

It's undeniable that so many of you are truly gifted in your industry - you have unique knowledge, talents and lived experience that needs to be spread far and wide.

It's undeniable that you're here on this planet to truly serve - regardless of what industry your are in - you have a big ass mission and won’t stop until it’s reached.

It's also undeniable that while you may have reached a certain level of success, you know that you have so much more to say and do. 


The majority of ‘how to rise to the top’ and 'get your voice heard' teachings are full of outdated blueprints, all kinds of salesy nonsense and fake methods that make you want to throw up.  

Being a person of integrity,  while you want to rise to the next level so badly that it may be hard to sleep at night, you refuse to manipulate, hustle and do that over the top BS. 

You believe there's enough abundance in the world for all of us to thrive. But how?

We invite you to watch this video to learn what these rather unexpected missing pieces are.


In this mind-bending, experiential masterclass, you will discover:

  • How to Gain Influence Without Resorting to Fake or Manipulative Tactics
  • How to Invoke Deep Connection with Your Ideal Clients with Riveting Messaging
  • The Key to Presenting Yourself Truthfully to Draw in Clients, Visibility and Bigger Stages.
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If you feel it deep in your soul that you are ready to:

  • Grow your message significantly without resorting to fake or manipulative tactics
  • Get your voice heard from a place of deep knowing, truth and alignment
  • Elevate your income and impact while undoubtedly contributing to the ripple effect shift that is happening on the planet right now

We invite you to...




An amazing opportunity to connect with other like-minded souls intent on being part of the change while building their legacy:

  • Access to our library of recorded training & strategy on how to grow your influence.
  • Access to the Speak from Your Power Course to learn how to present yourself magnetically on stage, video, sales conversations and every part of your business
  • Ongoing resources to support you in navigating all the intensities in the world.
  • Monthly nation online events where you get to network, mastermind and collaborate.




Everything in Freedom +

  • Weekly group training sessions on zoom where you will work with our founder Cindy Ashton, personally to:

    Speak from Your Power to Be Naturally Magnetic & Engaging.

    *Create High-Impact Messaging & Content to Grab Attention & Build Your Tribe.

    *Strategy to Grow Your Visibility, Influence and Speaking Engagements
  • Promotion for you on our social media channels


This is perfect for you if you may not be aiming to grow your influence but desire being part of a group of like-minded souls where you can share, discuss important issues and raise each other up.

  • Monthly nation online events where you get to network, mastermind and collaborate.
  • Access to our private online portal with the recordings from past nation events.
  • Ongoing resources to support you in navigating your every day with all the intensities in the world.