In a world so divided, you can contribute to the ripple effect shift that is happening on the planet right now.


Our Founder Cindy Ashton being interviewed at the Oscar's Luxury Gala by Lakisha Carmon, Duke & Duchess TV. Videographer: Orlando Jose.

Our Mission & How it Can Champion You

We have too many leaders in power today who aren't working in the best interests of the greater good, don't take responsibility for their choices and use manipulative tactics to grow their wealth and power.

Brave Leaders Rising is both a collective movement as well as a training program to support ethical leaders in getting their voices heard.

We believe that every human deserves equality, equal rights, and opportunities. Together we can shift the vibration of the planet.

Our mission is to provide ongoing training for rising leaders, facilitate crucial conversations and build a nation of like-minded souls dedicated to being part of the solution.

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